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Startup Ideas (I wish someone would work on)

I have identified these problems that I fervently wish someone would solve (I’m currently working on another idea so will not have enough time).

Six Common Mistakes To Avoid As A New Entrepreneur

At a time when starting a business can be easier than deciding what you want for breakfast, it's easy to get caught up in the idea of launching your own startup. The result?...

If a startup has a great product, then why don’t people buy it still?

Even with the best budget and marketing effort, some products failed. See how Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Sony, and some big names product failed.

How To Start And Successfully Sell A Startup

Entrepreneurs build startups for many reasons. On top of the list is the excitement of turning ideas into useful solutions and profitable businesses. Eventually, founders of a successful startup can either exit through acquisition, IPO...

4 Essential Steps to Build a Profitable SaaS MVP

A new business model is sweeping the world. In times past, you bought something once and it was yours forever. Today, you pay for regular access and get a product that’s always up to date. It...

The 5 Biggest Stages Of A Startup From Idea To Scale - Building a startup, especially the early stages, can feel like a roller coaster that takes the founders in endless loops without tangible milestones except the, “let’s get started” execution stage. In reality, by...