Creattiv Achievements in 2017, and What’s New in 2018


Today, December 31, 2017, is the last day in 2017. For us at Creattiv, this year is not only full of challenges but also full of happiness. Thanks to you, our loyal customers, we achieved many things this year. Here are the milestones of Creattiv achievements in 2017.

Creattiv Achievements in 2017

  • Creattiv reaches the age of 14 years old.
  • Reached the 200th project’s milestone.
  • Reached the 150th clients’ milestone.
  • The creation of Genesis – the church management system, and Vote – the succession management system of local elections. Note: For more information about Genesis or Vote, please contact us via this link. Or, schedule a meeting.
  • Reaches nearly 15,000 working hours (starting from 2003 since we started this business).
  • Reached 650 like on the Facebook page. Not connected to us on Facebook? Like our page.
  • Reached 1,400 followers on Twitter. Not connected to us on Twitter? Follow us and get our latest updates on Twitter.

We are so excited to welcome the New Year of 2018. We believe you are also excited about welcoming 2018. Therefore, for you, our valuable customers, we will launch 2 new products in early 2018.

Are you ready…?

What’s New in 2018

1. Monthly Subscription Websites

We understand that sometimes you want to increase your credibility in the public by having a website, whether for business or personal. However, it is often constrained by the high cost.

Therefore, we will launch the monthly website plan with competitive prices. You can pay these subscriptions per month or per year, and you can cancel the plan anytime. Regarding the price, do not worry. We will open it at a very low price with premium services.

2. Rezto

For you, a restaurant and cafe owners, probably most of you are experiencing various obstacles in managing your business on-the-go. Therefore, in the near future, we will present Rezto App, a restaurant and cafe manager application. You can access this app either via the web or Android app that can be downloaded in the Play Store. This app will be equipped with:

  • Real-time order system.
  • Sales, revenue, and profit statistics.
  • Waiters stats to see the performance of your waiters in serving the visitors who come to your restaurant.
  • Your Chef’s special access.
  • Analyze the profit to see what products are getting the biggest sales margin.
  • Real-time inventory system.
  • A real-time reporting system that you can access from anywhere, anytime, via the internet network.
  • And many other features.

The Rezto system is currently under development. It will be launched soon! We will continue to develop this system to support the success of your restaurant or cafe business.

And, finally, about the app price. Do not be afraid. Our prices will be opened at several levels that you can choose from, according to your business needs. You can choose to pay annually at a discounted price, or per month. No setup fee or any hidden fees.

Just wait!


Warm greetings,

Reza Barauntu

Founder, Web Developer, dan System Architect, Creattiv