Creattiv Market Value

Recently, we’ve collaborate with Equidam. We used their tools to estimate the value of Creattiv. Equidam is a valuation company used by many Enterprise companies and StartUps to estimate their company value.

We are valued by our products, skills, management, investment, products uniqueness, location, segments, Product/Market Fit (PMF) – whether it is suitable to customers needs, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – whether our products can solve users problems, financial, and some other factors.

When the result came, we glad that it’s worth all the efforts. Currently, Creattiv are valued at $ 593.5k (IDR 8,012,250,000 rupiah, for an exchange rate of $1 = IDR 13,500). 

Our latest investment on 8 January 2018 was valued at $ 11,236 (IDR 151.686.000 rupiah, for an exchange rate of $1 = IDR 13,500) in a form of educational and training platform investment.

Creattiv was found on 2003 and were publicly launched on 2012 with a self funding plan. Yes, it took quite a long time to publicly launched Creattiv. But, it’s worth it for all the preparation made to make our products better for our customers.

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